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The solution for your
sustainability success

easy!sustain for your sustainability success

Our easy!sustain solution provides the necessary information for a legally required sustainability report. The collected data and improvement potentials are in line with the legal requirements. easy!sustain was developed in cooperation with Denkstatt.

easy!sustain supports companies in making their progress in the area of sustainability measurable and traceable. This is done, for example, by recording data such as electricity consumption, water consumption, heating energy used, etc. and can then be compared with reference values such as the number of employees, gross floor area. This makes it possible to form key figures such as "electricity consumption per employee", which are visually displayed in dashboards. In this way, it can be determined how much one has improved or worsened. 

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Rudolf Palkowitz

Rudolf Palkowitz
Manager | Microsoft Competence Center

What does easy!sustain offer?

  •  Data acquisition and evaluation via central web interface
  •  Easy comparability over years
  •  Individual adaptability and high degree of flexibility
  •  Changes are stored historically - conversion factors are stored with validity period
  •  Freigabesystem verhindert die Weitergabe nicht-validierte Zahlen, bereits validierte Daten sind vor Änderungen geschützt
  •  Live-Auswertungen anhand grafischer Dashboards sowie statischer Berichte
    (Ihre Kennzahlen sind immer am aktuellen Stand)

easy!sustain Monitoring –
Regelbasiertes System zur Energie- und Anlagenoptimierung

easy!sustain Monitoring

Structured data collection &

  • Datenauflösung bis zu 15 Minuten möglich
  • Verarbeitung verschiedener Medien, Einheiten und Übertragungsintervalle
  • Konstante Logiküberprüfung

Support for effective
energy & asset management

  • Any combination of evaluations through self-defined rule sets and virtual data points
  • Output of recommendations for energy and plant optimisation
  • Rapid visualisation and correlation analysis

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Rudolf Palkowitz

Rudolf Palkowitz
Manager | Microsoft Competence Center

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