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Testing &
Quality Management

Better quality and lower costs
- even in the age of digitalization

Better quality at lower cost

A dynamic market environment and increasing cost pressure demand constant adaptation of business processes. In the age of this digital transformation, speed and flexibility in software development are therefore essential for the success of any company. As an integral part of this process, professional testing guarantees high software quality and increases reliability, usability and maintainability, among other things.

Especially with agile approaches, it is of great importance to embed the topic of quality assurance directly into the development process in order to secure the greatest possible advantages of a continuous software delivery process.

We support you on this path and complement your software development process with proven methods, consulting and targeted use of tools to represent an integrated release, development, test, deployment & rollout management.

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Christian Kirsch

Christian Kirsch
Head of Testing

With our broad industry expertise and a team of experienced testing consultants and specialists, we can help you with any testing project. We are at your side when it comes to realigning test management, automating effectively & efficiently or handling entire projects. With our extensive experience, we can also support you in the choice of tools and show you further possibilities for improvement, which will sustainably ensure product, process and project quality and at the same time save time and costs to a considerable extent.

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Software Development Prozess

Our service portfolio

  • Consulting on test-conception and -methods as well as test process optimization
  • Support in test data management, test execution, conception and provision of test centers
  • Managed testing services onsite and from shoring centers
  • Conception and execution of Proof Of Concepts
  • Setup and operation of test automation solutions
  • Profitability analyses
  • Automation strategies and frameworks
  • Knowledge of relevant automation tools - evaluation of tools
  • Design of load and performance tests
  • Selection of performance-critical business processes
  • Development of load models
  • Selection, installation and configuration of tools
  • Result analysis & derivation of optimization recommendations
  • Strategic realignment of test management
  • Metrics & predictive analytics
  • Consulting on sourcing & shoring concepts
  • Consulting on test tools

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Christian Kirsch

Christian Kirsch
Head of Testing