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Consulting &

No problems, just solutions!

Consulting & Enablement:
No problems, just solutions!

Do you lack the internal resources or the know-how for special topics in the areas of MS Infrastructure, DevOps & Build Management, Azure Migration, Information & Process Management or SAP on Azure?

Then book our workshops, training courses, individual know-how transfer, project support and consulting. 

We will be happy to accompany you through the transformation process and support the "cultural change" in your company.

Do you have questions?

Rudolf Palkowitz

Rudolf Palkowitz
Manager | Microsoft Competence Center


  •  Basic technical and professional know-how to develop optimal solutions together.
  •  Combining specialist areas and technologies to implement your requirements in the best possible way


  •  Workshops, training, individual know-how transfers
  •  Project support, consulting and solution optimisation
  •  Close cooperation with experts who have many years of experience in customer projects, especially in the areas of collaboration, knowledge and information management as well as in the infrastructural area.
  •  Bringing in external perspectives, technology, industry know-how, etc. 

Technologies & Topics


  • Azure Migration
  • SQL
  • SharePoint
  • Windows Server / Services
  • SAP on Azure
  • Windows Virtual Desktop
  • etc..

Strategic consulting

  • Information & Process Management
  • Collaboration
  • Operating Processes
  • SAP on Azure
  • Licences & Cost Optimisation
  • SAM
  • etc.


  • DevOps
  • Build Managemen
  • Azure Development
  • Power Plattform
  • etc.

Modern Workplace

  • M365
  • SharePoint
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Power Plattform
  • etc.

The Digital Clip

Die digitale Spange

We merge the SAP and Microsoft worlds.
Our teams from the Microsoft Competence Centre and the SAP Hub combine the two technologies in such a way that you can access the data in the SAP application directly in the familiar user-friendly Microsoft front end and work in the best possible way without media disruption. You get The Best of Both: SAP and Microsoft.

Our goal is to give you the tools you need to work easily and effectively. The focus is always on the user's tasks, not on programmes, systems or technologies. In doing so, we use existing functions, standards and security mechanisms and optimise investments already made.

Our Microsoft certifications & designations

MS Data AI Azure
MS Digital App Innovation Azure
MS Infrastructure Azure
MS Modern Work
MS Security

You want more information? We are happy to help you!

Contact us!

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Rudolf Palkowitz

Rudolf Palkowitz
Manager | Microsoft Competence Center

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