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Supply Chain 

Supply chain management has the task of optimising processes and
supply chains in the areas of procurement, production and distribution.
It designs both internal and cross-company business processes.
The goal is to improve the long-term performance of the company and
the supply chain as a whole.

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At msg Plaut, supply chain management goes beyond the consideration of pure supply chains: the organization and successful control of supply networks creates a competitive advantage through the ability to react more quickly to changes while simultaneously optimizing costs. The tendency to focus on core competencies requires the closer integration of suppliers in procurement and production.

msg Plaut's experience and expertise in cross-company projects ensure that all partners are optimally integrated and that the technical implementation with the help of future-proof IT systems delivers long-term added value.

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Werner Gressler

Werner Greßler
Leiter SAP Competence Center

Key pillars of logistics

Säulen der Logistik

The delivery of goods and services at the right time, in the right place and at the optimal price forms the basis for long-term market success. Supply chain management is an essential factor in ensuring high quality and thus satisfying customer needs. Handling returns and complaints management can be an important element in achieving high customer satisfaction.

We offer consulting services especially in the SAP modules SD (Sales and Distribution) and LE (Logistics Execution).

Procurement processes serve the purpose of ensuring that the required goods are provided in line with demand and economically. Planning, demand and the optimal design of delivery cycles are of particular importance in this context. The simultaneous integrated consideration of procurement and sales processes is an essential factor for an optimal organization. msg Plaut has extensive practical experience in solving this task.

In particular, we provide consulting services in the SAP module MM (Material Management).


All stations of a warehouse work together and are dependent on each other. In addition, there are transitions to all other sub-areas. msg Plaut supports you in warehouse logistics in optimizing planning, management, operation and control of your warehouse in order to make the best use of your warehouse functions.

We provide consulting services in particular in the SAP modules WM (Warehouse Management), EWM (Extended Warehouse Management) and Stock Room Management.

Production is the core of the company's value creation. Mapping the flow of goods in terms of quantity and value provides a daily updated overview for optimal organization in production. msg Plaut provides hands-on models for the design of make-to-stock production, made-to-order production or project production.

We advise you in particular in the SAP module PP (Production Planning and Control).


Our focus in logistics is on these SAP modules

SAP SD (Sales and Distribution)

SAP SD  allows the organization of all sales and distribution activities. This module enables mapping the sale of products and services to business partners - from the first inquiry, through quotation for delivery processing and invoicing - and returns processes if necessary.

See Sales and Distribution Logistics

SAP MM (Material Management)
SAP LE (Logistics Execution)
SAP WM (Warehouse Management)
SAP Stock Room Management
SAP EWM (Extended Warehouse Management)
SAP PP (Production Planning and Control)

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Werner Gressler

Werner Greßler
Leiter SAP Competence Center