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User Experience

The focus is on your users!

Discover the world of user experience (UX)!

In today's world, software solutions are becoming increasingly complex, but still need to be quickly understood by users. What has long been the key to success or failure in the consumer sector has now also found its way into the business segment: The user experience has become a decisive success factor for software and services.

User experience expands the concept of usability to include aesthetic and emotional aspects such as appealing design, confidence-building and enjoyment of use. Our holistic, human-centred approach to user experience design takes into account the entire user experience before, during and after using a product or service. The aim is not only for users to achieve their goals quickly and smoothly, but also to experience positive emotions such as satisfaction, trust, security and enjoyment.

Future users are continuously integrated into the development process right from the start in order to avoid undesirable developments. Find out how we use user experience design to create innovative solutions that are not only functional, but also inspiring. Immerse yourself in the world of optimised user experience with our team of experts.

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Svenja Schroeder

Svenja Schröder
Head of Requirements Engineering

UX significantly influences the utilisation of an application


For 90% of all users,
an easy-to-use interface has a
positive effect on their motivation to work.


80% of all users leave
a difficult-to-use application
after a maximum of 3 attempts.


50% of application failures
can be prevented
by a good UX.

Principles of user experience design

Our user experience design is partly based on the principles of design thinking as a human-centred method. We focus on user-centredness, tried-and-tested solutions, consistency and clarity.

User-centred approach

The user is at the centre of the entire development process. We understand and take into account their needs and goals in order to create a positive user experience.

Evaluated solutions

Early prototyping makes solutions tangible. Users can evaluate prototypes and solutions at an early stage. User feedback is directly incorporated into the adaptation or rejection of prototypes.

Consistency and clarity

Standardised naming, consistent functions and clear animations simplify complex tasks and create a uniform user experience. The focus on the essentials and a clear hierarchy support the user visually and intuitively.

User experience design process - focus on your users!

Our user experience design process is consistently focussed on the user's perspective. Starting with the analysis of the context of use, the results are evaluated and iteratively optimised with regard to the users and their needs in each project phase.

Our approach is based on ISO standard 9241-210, which defines user experience as “a person's perceptions and reactions resulting from the actual and/or expected use of a product, system, or service”.

The process is divided into the following phases: Planning, Understanding, Defining, Creating, Designing, Evaluating, Implementing and Applying.

Planning the user experience design process

We define a user-centred strategy to make the design process effective.

Understanding the context of use

Through thorough analyses, we record how and in what context users use the software and what goals they are pursuing.

Definition of the utilisation requirements

The results of the analyses are converted into clear user requirements. We use artefacts such as personas to make well-founded design decisions.

Creative solution development

By applying creative methods, we develop suitable solutions for user problems and requirements.

Designing solutions

We create user-friendly information architectures and concepts based on the defined user requirements. Early visualisations and iterative refinement are carried out using prototypes.

Evaluating the design solution

By testing the prototype with real users, we ensure that the solution meets user needs and avoids undesirable developments.

Implementing the design solution

We accompany the realisation in order to implement the design in the best possible way and in close coordination with the developers.

Application of the ready-made solution

By collecting user feedback on the actual application, we receive valuable information for possible revisions. This data forms the starting point for further iterations.

Outstanding user experience (UX) as key to success

Around 80 per cent of users are reluctant to use software or services if the user experience is not convincing. Our habits in dealing with apps, websites and software show that we are uncompromising. An uncomfortable user interface or a lack of responsiveness mean that users rarely give even great functions a second chance. The "delete" button is quickly clicked. Users prefer an alternative, more user-friendly option, even if it offers fewer functions.

In organisations, users often have no choice in how they use software. This can lead to a lack of engagement and inefficient processes. UX methods offer a systematic solution to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and acceptance of applications and services.

Through early user involvement and iterative optimisation, you not only increase customer satisfaction, but also achieve savings in development, support and training. Invest in a positive user experience to promote sustainable success and efficiency in your company.


Enterprise-UX enables employees to achieve more with less effort, which increases overall productivity.

Prevention of
cognitive fatigue

People get tired quickly during cognitive exertion. Good enterprise UX minimises cognitive effort, reduces fatigue and promotes a positive user experience without causing defensiveness.

Promoting intuitive

An application that is optimised for UX with an intuitive operating concept significantly reduces training and support costs, as users can familiarise themselves with the software more quickly.

Cost savings
in development

Early involvement of users in the development process enables the targeted development of features that are really needed. This reduces development costs.

Effective methods in user experience design

An outstanding user experience requires structured planning and implementation. Our user experience design process integrates a variety of methods that involve the user in all phases. Find out more in the user experience method catalogue - your resource for suitable methods in every phase of the UX design process. Optimally designed user experiences are no coincidence - they are purposefully developed!

Visit the user experience method catalogue

We are happy to support you!

Our service modules form the core of our offering and include careful planning, in-depth understanding, inspiring idea development, precise design, creative design and thorough testing. Immerse yourself in our world of user-centred design, where every detail is aimed at creating a seamless and enriching user experience.


How do we work together and
what do we achieve?

  • Kick-off workshop
  • Vision | Objectives
  • UX/UI planning


What needs do users have?

  • User interview
  • User surveys
  • Creation of personas
  • User context analysis
  • User journey mapping


What could a solution look like?

  • Innovation workshop
  • Design Sprint
  • Design Thinking Discovery


How could the idea
be realised?

  • Information architecture
  • Wireframes
  • Low-fidelity click prototype


What should the visual design
of the interface look like?

  • High-fidelity prototype
  • Design System | Styleguide
  • Logo & Icon Design 
  • Illustrations
  • Adaptation for accessibility


What optimisation potential
do experts / users see?

  • Usability inspection
  • User tests
  • Crowd testing
  • Accessibility testing

We not only offer our core services, but also a wide range of other expertise in the field of UX/UI design. This includes UX design & mockups, detailed usability reviews, in-depth user and market analyses and a special focus on accessibility.

With our comprehensive portfolio, we strive not only to create aesthetically pleasing designs, but also to ensure that they are accessible and user-friendly for all users.

UX Design & Mockups

Usability Reviews

User-/Market Research


Our testing department contributes its extensive expertise to ensure that the human-centred user experience we develop is stable, reliable and meets expectations, not only in design but also in production.

We rely on professional and efficient quality assurance measures that not only critically examine pure functionality, but also the optimal user experience. These measures are a customised addition to the software lifecycle and guarantee a comprehensible test result in the interests of the end user.

More about Testing & Quality Management

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Svenja Schroeder

Svenja Schröder
Head of Requirements Engineering

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