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Mobility solutions:

Type approval –


Type approval - Homologation

All vehicles registered in the European Union require type approval - this is also called homologation. This is indispensable for new vehicles. In the future, it will also be increasingly desired or even required by authorities for necessary modifications, especially to software-heavy vehicle systems. 

A holistic approach is necessary to keep development costs under control. Therefore, we take a comprehensive view of the necessary activities over the product life cycle of vehicles. The development process and the associated tool chains should be optimally adapted to the increasing challenges of updates.

The need for updates results from

  • New and/or enhanced functionality (one driver is e.g. artificial intelligence)
  • Implementation of new remedial measures (e.g. from a cyber-security perspective)

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Stefan Wachter

DI Stefan Wachter
Business Competence Center Mobility Solutions

Working Party 29 (WP.29)

The World Forum for Harmonisation of Vehicle Regulations is a working group of the Inland Transport Committee (ITC) of the UNECE, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. This forum deals with vehicle safety, environmental protection, energy efficiency and anti-theft regulations.

The current topics are automated driving (GVFR) and emerging electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles and fuel cell vehicles (FCV).

The current GRVA work programme deals with:

  • Safety of automated driving systems and connected vehicles
    • Functional requirements for automated vehicles ("FRAV")
    • Validation method for automated driving ("VMAD")
    • Cybersecurity (and software updates)
    • Event data recorder / data storage system for automated driving
  • Vehicle dynamics
    (steering, braking, etc.)
    • Advanced emergency braking systems
    • Anti-lock braking system for motorbikes
    • Electronic stability control
  • (Advanced) Driver Assistance
    • Remote control manoeuvring and parking
    • Automated steering systems

Automated driving

Vehicles from level 3 and higher require an EU type approval for the relevant systems and components of the automation. 

In the English-speaking world, one speaks of "safety" - in this country of "operational safety". The most important sub-areas with the associated standards are:

  • Functional safety ISO 26262
  • Cyber-Security ISO 21434
  • Safety Of The Intended Functionality" (SOTIF) ISO/PAS 21448
  • Operating safety - the human-machine interaction (HMI)
  • Trustworthy artificial intelligence

EU type approval (homologation) for Automated Lane Keeping System (ALKS)

The type approval for ALKS additionally requires the consideration of software or firmware updates and the associated software update management system, also known as SUMS, and the cyber security and associated management system must be considered, also known as cyber security management system (CSMS). 

The documents to be produced should be written in an understandable and correct manner. The artefacts are created either together with you or completely by msg Plaut. This means that an audit and/or assessment of a technical service can be carried out smoothly and on time.

Our competencies & services

We offer you comprehensive advice and cooperation, in particular for the

  • Preparation of documents for certifications
  • Implementation of internal audits & assessments
  • Coordination and formulation of requirements for and with development and test departments

We support you with our systematic approach throughout the entire product life cycle and also offer assistance in critical project phases and in the event of capacity bottlenecks.

No matter how you commission us: trust is one of the cornerstones of our cooperation.

We take away your worries: Through our extremely flexible design of the cooperation, we take over work packages completely or partially, provide support on site or remotely and adapt the scope of support to your requirements.

msg Plaut & AIT

msg Plaut & AIT cooperate to further develop safety & security.
Read here more.

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msg Plaut tests cyber security in vehicles & systems with "THREATGET

With THREATGET, manufacturers and suppliers have a tool at their fingertips to prepare the cyber security of their vehicle systems for type approval in conformity with ECE and thus remain competitive in top markets. This tool was developed at the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology together with LieberLieber Software, and msg Plaut is now successfully using it in practice. The early detection of risks saves costs and the updatable threat catalogue automatically keeps the analysis up to date.

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Stefan Wachter

DI Stefan Wachter
Business Competence Center Mobility Solutions

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