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Microsoft 365 Copilot:
the leading AI solution
for your business

Innovation, efficiency & progress
for your company

Microsoft 365 Copilot is the cutting-edge AI solution for your company

Microsoft 365 Copilot is a groundbreaking AI-driven solution that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365 applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Teams. By utilising Large Language Models (LLM) in conjunction with Microsoft Graph data, Copilot aims to increase user productivity and creativity. We are at your side to facilitate the integration of Generative Artificial Intelligence and Microsoft Copilot into your organisation. 

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Rudolf Palkowitz

Rudolf Palkowitz
Manager | Microsoft Competence Center

Our services

We actively support you in the seamless integration of Copilot into your company. Our focus is not only on the technical implementation, but also on maximising the added value that you can achieve with these innovative technologies.

The introduction of Copilot also leads to a comprehensive reorganisation of internal company processes and improves collaboration with customers and suppliers. The end-to-end transformation of processes increases efficiency and accuracy while optimising data-driven decision-making processes. The integration of Copilot into communication and logistics promotes seamless interaction along the entire value chain, and a vertical market view enables customised Copilot solutions for each sector.

Microsoft Copilot -

Our experts support you in the seamless integration of AI into your company. Our focus is not only on the seamless technical integration, but also on the question of how you can optimally implement the working methods and professionalism in your industry. We understand that every industry has unique requirements and customise the solutions to your individual needs.


Our foundation is a solid technical integration that ensures AI is smoothly embedded into your specific line of business. We take the time to understand your processes and develop customised solutions to optimally integrate Copilot into your business.

Optimisation of processes

But the real added value comes from changing the processes in your company. We not only look at the technical side, but also at how your workflows change from start to finish. Through this end-to-end approach, we not only create efficiency gains, but also new opportunities for collaboration with customers, suppliers and other partners.

Vertical market approach

Our approach goes beyond technical integration. We offer you a vertical market view to ensure that your processes are not only more efficient, but also optimised for your specific industry. In this way, we create the highest possible added value from the use of Copilot in your specific business environment.

Practical use cases

Use case


Asset Management & Disposition

  • Development of a Copilot for analysing and predicting market trends, e.g. to improve the quality of asset managers' decisions and allow proactive portfolio optimisation.
  • Execution of performance analyses, creation of reports in combination with Excel and PowerBI.
  • Natural language queries enable asset managers to analyse asset classes and performance much more quickly, as well as in client meetings.
  • By integrating internal company information and the leading systems, Copilot can automatically suggest suitable investment strategies based on the client's risk profile and preferences.

Corporate Banking

  • Development of customised financial products and services based on customer profiles and needs with the help of AI-supported insights.
  • Use of Copilot to quickly perform credit risk analyses. By integrating company data and using AI-supported recommendations, bank employees can efficiently assess risk factors and develop customised financial products.
  • Use Copilot to automate the creation of financial reports and analyses by populating pre-built templates with company data. Copilot can help identify trends, recommend complex formulas and create visual data analyses.


  • Automated creation of business documents such as offers, reports, and invoices using templates and AI-supported text generation.
  • Analysis of customer behaviour and preferences to create personalised marketing campaigns and offers.


  • Faster and more targeted communication with customers through the automated creation of personalised messages and reports.

Use case


Copilot for product development

  • Product optimisation / model suggestions via voice input
  • Simulation and understanding of the effects of design changes support decision-making

Demand prediction

Quality control

Production optimisation

  • Precise forecast of future product demand
  • Optimisation of production planning, material procurement and intralogistics
  • AI-based systems recognise production errors on the basis of machine vision
  • Optimised production processes to reduce energy consumption Utilisation of sensor and machine data
  • Automated control of processes and the resulting reporting to initiate a contiunal improvement process

Asset Productivity

  • AI-supported, proactive reading of machine data to solve avoidable errors and problems in advance
  • Increase in overall equipment effectiveness and productivity by reducing downtime

KI-basierte Unterstützung
für Mitarbeitende
im Werk

  • AI-based systems create automated recommendations and prescriptive guidance to support highly complex, fast-moving processes
  • AI-supported video monitoring to recognise anomalies and hazards to indicate potential failures and increase efficiency


Use case


Processing of high transaction volumes

  • Transaction Processing at Scale (TPaS), which enables fast and reliable processing of numerous transactions per day (e.g. online retail, stationary retail “Buy Online, Pick-up in Store”, financial transactions, fraud detection)

of customer experience
in communication,
product and recommendation

  • AI-supported systems enable personalised product recommendations across all consumer channels
  • Personalised marketing and communication across all channels
  • Personalised mobile app experiences increase customer engagement

Improvement of
customer service

Process optimisation

  • AI-based systems enable support staff to solve problems faster and more efficiently. This increases customer loyalty and the recommendation rate. Employees are relieved, and staff shortages are reduced.
  • Intelligent self-service tools (bots, portals, apps)
  • Voice and speech recognition improve the customer's support experience
  • Insights from service history enable up- and cross-selling
  • Virtual purchase or service assistants 

Information retrieval &
Knowledge Mining
as a competitive advantage

  • Research & development
  • Content generation, e.g. product descriptions for online store
  • Intelligent search, e.g. product catalogue/offer assistant, chat with your content

Copilot & Power Platform

The Microsoft Power Platform connectors are essential tools that significantly extend the functionality of Microsoft Copilot. By seamlessly connecting to various external services and applications, they enable the creation of more dynamic, responsive and useful solutions that are customised to your specific business needs and processes.

Integrated with Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Azure, Power BI and SharePoint, it offers customised solutions based on your requirements. The combination of Copilot and Power Platform has significantly simplified the development of low-code applications and makes the creation of solutions a breeze. With just a simple description of the desired functionality, Copilot creates a solid foundation for your Power Platform applications or workflows in minutes.

Copilot Power Platform Integration

With a host of benefits and features, Copilot offers a
transformative experience for your organisation:

Automation of routine tasks

Copilot supports the automation of recurring, time-consuming tasks in various areas of work.

Customer Support and FAQ

Copilot helps to generate clear and informative answers for frequently asked questions (FAQs) in customer support.

Data analysis and reporting

Copilot provides valuable support by generating clear explanations and summaries when analysing data and creating reports.

Document analysis and understanding

Copilot can analyse complex documents and help users to better understand the content thanks to its natural language processing capabilities.


Creation of presentations

Copilot contributes to the preparation of presentations by providing text content and making structuring suggestions.

Idea generation and brainstorming

Copilot serves as a source of ideas for developing creative ideas for projects, campaigns or innovations.

Communication and business correspondence

Copilot helps you compose emails, letters and other business correspondence for effective and clear communication.


Organisation of events and meetings

Copilot supports the organisation of events and meetings by creating agenda proposals and relevant text content.

Project management and planning

Copilot helps with the creation of project plans, to-do lists and other organisational documents.

Quality assurance and proofreading

As a quality control tool, Copilot points out grammatical and spelling errors and makes suggestions for improvement.

Language translation and internationalisation

Copilot helps with the creation of translated content, especially in global or multilingual environments, through its natural language processing capability.

Support in finding information

Copilot supports users in finding and analysing relevant information, especially with regard to research and data collection.

The Digital Clip

Die digitale Spange

We merge the SAP and Microsoft worlds.
Our teams from the Microsoft Competence Centre and the SAP Hub combine the two technologies in such a way that you can access the data in the SAP application directly in the familiar user-friendly Microsoft front end and work in the best possible way without media disruption. You get The Best of Both: SAP and Microsoft.

Our goal is to give you the tools you need to work easily and effectively. The focus is always on the user's tasks, not on programmes, systems or technologies. In doing so, we use existing functions, standards and security mechanisms and optimise investments already made.

Do you need more information? We will be happy to help you.

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Rudolf Palkowitz

Rudolf Palkowitz
Manager | Microsoft Competence Center

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