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Producing Industry

In near future, the world of manufacturing industry will
become more and more complex, faster, more price volatile,
more cost-sensitive, more regulated, and more concentrated.

Your solution from msg Plaut

How can increasing complexity, greater flexibility, a rapid innovation spiral and high cost pressure be managed? Among other things, this requires an integrated plan and a high degree of integration capability.

How can we meet cost pressure challenges and at the same time achieve the planned growth? It can be assumed that your raw materials, materials, energy, personnel costs, logistics and environmental measures will become increasingly cost-intensive. Many leave the daily routine to "cost coincidence". Thereby 70-80% of the expected expenses can be influenced.

msg Plaut is happy to support you!


Do you have questions?

Pavel Duda

Pavel Duda
Senior business Development Manager

Do you deal with these questions?

  • Are your supply chain costs constantly increasing?
  • Are you aware of the "cost traps" within your manufacturing process and logistics?
  • Do you wish for an integrated supply chain control - especially regarding the alignment of capacity and sales and when introducing new products or integrating new markets?
  • Do you want to evaluate or simulate the costs of your sourcing and distribution scenarios?
  • Are sales and logistics costs reliably and transparently allocated to customers and articles?
  • Do you know in detail your product(ions)-related costs?
  • Are you missing details about the profitability of your products?
  • Are the "small batches" correctly presented in the cost and income statement?
  • Do you complain about "bullwhip" effects in your supply chain?
  • Do you want to reconcile demand and production plans - even in a supply network?
  • Do you complain about overcapacity, ad-hoc orders or overtime?
  • Do you complain about non-productive processes - both in administration and in production control?
  • Are your inventories at different locations too high and inflexible or do you remain stuck on "C items"?
  • Do you have the certainty that your traceability process would also function perfectly in the event of a "product incident"?
  • Can you implement flexible product configurations?
  • Do you have the impression that the operative processing of different procedures is too complex and error-prone?
  • Do you know the error and consequential costs that arise from "correcting the errors"?
  • Do you struggle with faulty product information and specifications?
  • Do you use centralized master data for all application areas (such as R&D, sales, ...)?
  • Do your planned and actual data come from different sources?

Business Steering & Control

An ever faster changing industry requires effective and fast decisions. The management of your business is influenced by all parties involved - they contribute to your success. Suitable solutions are needed for this. msg Plaut can support you in this:

  • Introduce corporate planning and implement it using systems technology
  • To develop an integrated rolling corporate planning / sales planning (sales, production, procurement): one figure for all
  • Introduce interdepartmental coordination between sales, planning and production, including key planning figures
  • Concepts of "differentiated planning": different & efficient planning approaches for different product groups, sales channels and lead times
  • Implement capacity and personnel requirements planning for days, batches, shifts, operating times

  • In raw material planning and scheduling, control the demand for quantity and ingredients (with connection to procurement)

  • Implement Sales & Operations process with appropriate system solution
  • Streamline quality management processes and replace them with standardized IT-supported procedures
  • Establish supply network integration & controlling
  • Account management tools: Design tools for sales action modeling and customer profitability
  • Implement mobile account cockpit (turnover, profit, simulation of activities)
  • Optimize the condition system and map it transparently (plan, simulation, invoicing)
  • To provide a consolidated group cost and contribution margin accounting
  • To develop and introduce an operative controlling cockpit
  • To simulate the development of raw material prices on your contribution margin
  • Implement a performance measurement system (balance scorecard)
  • Develop mobile and real-time reporting solutions
  • Efficient integration of organizations, processes & IT systems
  • Implement a simplified selection and evaluation of production sites
  • Implement integration of sub-suppliers (planning, logistics, costs, processes, QM)

We support you in the implementation

We support you in the implementation

Modernisation and digitalisation is a continuous process. With strategic consulting, well thought-out IT solutions and many years of industry know-how, we can help you design your high-performance systems and create efficient, flexible processes together with you. In this way, your investments are secured in the long term and your business runs smoothly and consistently.

msg Plaut will gladly support you if you are faced with the following questions:

  • Based on your business model, have you drawn up your strategic plans for your products, marketing, areas of responsibility, market positioning, value chain?
  • Have you also developed instruments to measure success regularly and through standardized procedures?
  • Do you want to increase your contribution margin? Do you know your product(ion)-related costs in detail? Do you derive your sourcing, sales and pricing strategies from this?
  • Are you missing details about the profitability of your products for individual customers? Are you planning to merge with another business partner and at the same time optimize your processes?
  • Do you miss an up-to-date customer plan during the sales talk and a possibility to simulate the sales measures on site and agree on them immediately?
  • Are sales and logistics costs allocated to customers and articles reliably and transparently?
  • Do you complain about non-productive processes after restructuring? Do you know the performance of your internal (especially cost-intensive) standard procedures?
  • Do you have the possibility to dovetail the "operative world (e.g. SAP) with the "modern working world" (e.g. MS Office 356)? Do you use the already existing resources and systems?
    Does your trading partner complain about a low service level? Above all about the implementation of your campaigns?

You want more information? We will be happy to help you!

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Pavel Duda

Pavel Duda
Senior business Development Manager