IT-Architecture &

The Plaut IT-Consulting practice combines knowledge of specific
industries with IT- and technology-competencies to provide highly
integrated consulting services.

How we achieve these goals

To maximize customer value, we combine the benefits of modern IT and telecommunications technologies with enterprise architecture methods. It aims to help our clients master the complexities of their system and application landscapes, as well as the lifecycles of IT products and technologies, to support their business processes with powerful, cost-effective IT solutions at all times.

  •   Development of solutions for IT governance, strategy and controlling in close co-operation with executives, IT management and business process owners
  •   Focus on business process issues and their requisite IT application architecture
  •   Combination of technical and business advisory
  •   Harmonization of cost, benefits and risks

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Herbert Brauneis

Herbert Brauneis
Director Sales & Marketing

We optimize the benefits for our clients by joining modern information and telecommunication technologies with enterprise architecture methods. Thus, we help our clients to master the complexity of their systems and application landscapes as well as the lifecycles of their IT products and technologies, to support their business processes with powerful, cost-effective IT solutions.

Unique selling propositions:

  •   Clear focus on business- and IT alignment within the key industries of the Plaut Group
  •   Broad implementation and architecture competencies with in-depth SAP know-how
  •   Staffing continuity throughout consulting and implementation assignments
  •   Pragmatic and flexible project approach

Solution Architecture-Design

Together with our process experts we design IT application structures and –standards (solution architecture) which are optimal for our customers.

By means of established methods and reference models (such as Quasar and TOGAF) we utilise our architecture competence to f.ex. design innovative SAP technologies to a future-proof application landscape.


  •   Orientation of IT systems towards the business goals
  •   Optimisation of overheads
  •   Focus on strategic topics
  •   Gaining flexibility
  •   Safeguarding of future safety

Security Quick-Check

Initial analysis of the security status of your SAP system

Almost every SAP system is vulnerable to cyber-based fraud, espionage or sabotage. The systems form the digital heart of modern companies, processing highly sensitive data and providing digital business processes. A system failure, successful cyberattack, or data theft can have disastrous consequences for the company. We are happy to determine the current security status of your SAP system for you in a suburb security analysis.

  • Joint selection of the SAP system to be checked based on evaluation of the SAP landscape
  • Provision of audit software and an SAP authorization role for the audit user
  • Carrying out the comprehensive test with an award-winning test system
  • Creating a system security overview in report form
  • Advice on the further procedure for securing the SAP systems

Our service offer

IT-Governance: Managing the IT Organization

Key questions about the IT organization in a corporate environment:

  • Is your IT aligned with the company strategy?
  • Is your IT effective in supporting your business goals?
  • Are you taking full advantage of the innovation and rationalization potential of IT?
  • Can you handle the operating and security risks of IT?
  • Are your IT operations compliant with legal and regulatory requirements?
  • Are you in control of the cost and quality of IT services?
  • Plaut supports the company management by addressing any issues resulting from these questions, e.g. leadership, planning or performance.

IT Governance – the sustainable, strategy-oriented management of a professional IT organization – is a special dimension of Corporate Governance. IT Governance must deal with the following tasks:

  • Keep IT aligned with company goals and strategy
  • Reconcile diverging IT requirements and priorities of different business units
  • Leverage IT as a tool for up-to-date, flexible and efficient business processes
  • Use IT as an engine for innovation and transformation throughout the business
  • Allocate IT resources according to corporate strategic and economic criteria
  • Minimize and control IT risks
  • Monitor and improve IT performance

Plaut’s IT Consulting services are independent of specific products and hardware / software manufacturers. We develop a tailored IT Governance concept for your company which covers all strategic, organizational, economic and technical aspects. In doing so, Plaut introduces state-of-the-art science and technology as well as „best practice“-gained from a variety of customer projects. We accompany our customers throughout the process - from an initial IT Audit and determination of objectives through practical implementation all the way to the evaluation of results achieved.
With the support from Plaut: transform IT from a cost factor to a strategic success factor!

IT Strategy: a successful IT organization needs clear goals!
IT Controlling: cost allocation is outdated

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Herbert Brauneis

Herbert Brauneis
Director Sales & Marketing