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Intelligent IT solutions for the digital transformation: Both in core business processes and in completely new business models around mobility and networking, we get your processes up to speed.

Ever shorter development cycles, increasingly complex production processes and massive competitive pressure are forcing car manufacturers and suppliers to further increase their efficiency and productivity. In addition, new market participants such as Google or Apple are changing the playing field with new technologies and business models. Digitalisation offers new business opportunities for innovative companies.

Together with you, we develop and implement new business models as well as ideas for connectivity, apps, digital services and mobility services. We are your partner for aligning your processes and IT architectures with the requirements of the future.

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Our competencies & services

Automotive trending topics

Digital twin

The concept of the digital twin provides for the virtual 1-to-1 linkage of each individual physical counterpart, which is composed of a digital master and a digital shadow.

In concrete terms, this means that the "virtual model that has been around for years" roughly corresponds to the Digital Master. The digital shadow with the life cycle file of the product, the link between the digital shadow and the digital master, the 1-to-1 link between each individual product with its individual twin and the associated digital control loop did not exist before and is new. Only when all the elements of the digital twin are available do the numerous application possibilities arise, with which the far-reaching potentials can be opened up.

Our service portfolio - using the tried and tested

Digital twin projects are regular digitisation projects that have two major challenges:

  1. Connecting the digital and real worlds,
  2. Cross-divisional / cross-company provision of data for the digital twin.

Based on the relevance of the topic, we have compiled a service portfolio with which we can offer our customers added value and carry out profitable projects. The service packages range from potential analysis to conception and implementation. In this context, we have created a standardised procedure for the definition of the target image, for example, with the help of which a target image for the digital twin can be designed in a few steps and with manageable effort.


GAIA-X is a project to build a high-performance, competitive, secure and trustworthy data infrastructure for Europe. This project is supported by the respective representatives of the European country governments, industry and science.

Cloud Engineering Workplace

The working world of the future in the simple and efficient bridging of space and time. In the global development network of an OEM, there are various forms and connections of clients, as can be seen in the graphic.

Understanding of collaborative relationships



  • The supplier operates several development hubs worldwide. Due to the complex and demanding engineering clients, their setup, operation and dismantling is very costly.
  • The resource-intensive applications of the current engineering client are in particular CATIA, Windchill and PREEvision.



  • The supplier wants to make the worldwide provision and scaling of development hubs much more flexible, faster, safer and cheaper.

  • To do this, it does not want to use proprietary solutions from CAD/PLM vendors, but rather its own existing supplier engineering client.

Solution idea

Solution idea

  • With a cloud-based virtualisation of the engineering clients, the goals could be achieved.

  • There are a variety of challenges and scenarios for this.

  • Initial feasibility test within the framework of a PoC.


We have already implemented VDI for engineering workstations in several environments as an on-premise solution.

Industry construction

Industry construction

  • The supplier operates several development hubs worldwide. Due to the complex and demanding engineering clients, their setup, operation and dismantling is very costly.
  • The resource-intensive applications of the current engineering client are in particular CATIA, Windchill and PREEvision.

Industry electrical appliances

Industry electrical appliances

  • Virtualisation of approx. 120 design workstations
  • Siemens NX and Tecnomatix applications

Industry mechanical engineering

Industry mechanical engineering

  • With a cloud-based virtualisation of the engineering clients, the goals could be achieved.
  • There are a variety of challenges and scenarios for this
  • Initial feasibility test within the framework of a PoC

Idea Rooms

We work with you to set up and jointly implement innovation topics with our msg Innovation subsidiary minnoshpere:

Core topics in the automotive / manufacturing value chain

Product LifeCycle Management

Product offensives and a constantly increasing number of variants place a high burden on the processes and systems of automotive companies and bring to light any weak points or a lack of integration of the IT systems.

In order to identify the resulting need for action, design solutions and implement them efficiently, we provide you with our expertise in process and system integration as well as product data management. We support the continuous management of your product data throughout the entire lifecycle of your products with a holistic approach. With our Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), you benefit from efficient processes and consistent, transparent product data. Our focus is on the following areas 

  • Parts list management
  • Configuration management
  • Change management
  • Modular and variant management
  • Goals and requirements management
  • Production planning
Supply Chain Management
Development & Protection

The development and protection processes in automotive manufacturing are a major cost factor. Due to high competition and price pressure, manufacturers and suppliers are required to constantly shorten the development cycles for their products and make them more efficient. Therefore, preparations for series production run parallel to development. At the same time, the provision of parts must be ensured by suitable, qualified suppliers, and the product must be checked with regard to its required properties as well as its buildability. 

  • Pre-series management for products
  • Securing parts provision for series production

Artifical Intelligence in the core topics of the value chain

Analytics & AI

With the topic of analytics and artificial intelligence, methods are bundled that are intended to support us

  • Extract knowledge from data sets,
  • Generate and update knowledge automatically,
  • To automatically process the knowledge present in data,
  • Generalise data / knowledge,
  • present data in a suitable way.

With the goal of generating added value, we want to automate aspects of intelligent behaviour. We want to

  • Discovering connections in data,
  • Abstract & generalise knowledge from data,
  • Enable improvements in decisions,
  • Apply complex procedures to data sets in a target-oriented way.

Smart Factory Platform & Use Cases

Die Apps werden in Form von Microservices auf der Cloud-Plattform zur Verfügung gestellt.

Produktionssysteme sind in der Regel sehr spezifisch auf das einzelne Unternehmen angepasst. Für mittelständische Unternehmen sind Microservices auf Basis von erprobten Blue-Print-Prozessen eine Möglichkeit zur schnellen, kosteneffizienten Digitalisierung.

We offer discrete manufacturers

  • an open platform that can be implemented easily and quickly for the efficient use of apps for production and logistics.
  • maximum transparency and flexibility through smart analytics and early warning systems
  • a marketplace for digital use cases in the form of microservices / SaaS
  • an ecosystem for "Smart Factory".
  • Synergies with market participants
    • Joint development of software components and sharing of IP rights (open source)
    • Conscious sharing of data to optimise development and production processes
    • Use of new cooperation scenarios to reduce individual investment risk
    • Linking of use cases via standardised procedures
  • Interdisciplinary teams
    • Broad technological knowledge on the one hand, but also deep process knowledge to strengthen innovative strength
  • Rapid introduction as SaaS
    • Use of cloud and platform services to be able to quickly implement new use cases
    • Use of standardised micro services, which can be quickly combined into more extensive use cases
  • Transparency
    • Communication at all levels
    • Use of state-of-the-art technologies for image recognition by means of augmented reality
    • Error detection and prevention using AI and Big Data, self-learning systems and algorithms
  • Process-supporting systems
    • For the digitalisation of manufacturing and logistics
    • Virtual planning and commissioning of production facilities (digital twin)
    • Lean manufacturing with employee involvement
Solution requirements
App usage
Advantages of our apps

Our apps bring transparency to production, reduce the error rate and increase OEE.

  • Production cockpit
    • The aim of the production cockpit is to define business-critical production processes and to ensure that they are permanently safeguarded.
    • It offers continuous monitoring of risks related to business-critical processes and thus enables early detection of production failures. 
  • Error recording
    • Optimisation of lean processes through simplified defect recording
    • Reduction of the scope of defects through direct human-to-human communication
    • Avoidance of errors through early warning system 
  • Smart maintenance
    • Increase of plant availability through intelligent predictive maintenance
    • Mobile apps for efficient execution and documentation of the maintenance process
Production cockpit
Smart Maintenance

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Mag. (FH) Karin Larnhof

Robert Zeman
Bereichsleiter Automotive